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Aquarium Fish for sale Tropical & Goldfish

Current Special Offers In-Store

You can buy tropical fish online for delivery from Prestwood Petzone! Fish deliveries are just £12.99 per order and will arrive next day after dispatch. Give us a call before ordering your fish or koi carp online to avoid disappointment, as our fish go quickly!

Aquarium fish available online and in store

Fancy Chinese and Fantail Goldfish Freshwater barbs, catfish, cichlids and tetras  

Aquarium supplies available online and in store

Aquarium Food from Prestwood Petzone

Aquarium Food
Best Fish food for Tropical fish, Goldfish & Marine fish from Tetra, Aquarian, New Era, Hikari and JBL. Frozen foods & Live foods

  Aquarium Treatments and Test Kits from Prestwood Petzone 

Aquarium Treatments and Test Kits
A great range of treatments for fish diseases for Tropical fish, Goldfish and Marine fish. Aquarium water test kits.

 Aquarium Fish Accessories

Aquarium Fish Accessories
Aquarium fish accessories for the best care of your fish tank. 

   Aquarium Cabinets

Aquariums and Cabinets
Aquariums & cabinets from: Eheim, AquaOne, Fluval & Biorb 

Free cabinets with Roma 90, 125 and 200 Aquariums

 Aquarium Filters from Prestwood Petzone

Aquarium Filters
Aquarium filters for the smallest to biggest fish tank. Eheim, Fluval, JBL, Super fish. External & Internal filters & media. 

   Aquarium Lights from Prestwood Petzone

Aquarium Lights
Aquarium Lighting for Tropical, Goldfish & Marine fish tanks. 

 Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heaters
Aquarium heaters suitable for large or small fish tanks, Tropical or Marine fish 


 Aquarium Gravel and Decor from Prestwood Petzone

Aquarium Gravel and Décor
Aquarium Décor , gravel, sand and fish tank ornaments. 

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Aquarium Brands available in-store

biOrb logo Biorb Goldfish & Tropical bowls, decorations & filter spares   JBL logo We are major stockists of JBL fish foods & CO2 equipment for planted aquariums
Aqua One logo Aquariums, Filters and Aquarium decorations   Aquarian logo Tropical fish foods, Goldfish food and Fish treatments.
Tetra logo Tetra Tropical, Goldfish & Pond foods & Treatments   Eheim logo One of the biggest Eheim dealers in the UK! Aquarium filters, Aquariums & spares.
New Era Aquaculture logo Specialist fish foods for Tropical & Marine fish      


Our tropical and cold water fish 

We stock a varied selection of aquarium fish at Prestwood Petzone. From easy to keep fish to specialist species for expert fish keepers, you're sure to find something to suit you. Our range covers cold water fish (including gold fish, minnows, loaches and koi) as well as Tropical fish. We also have a great selection of freshwater shrimps and snails for tropical or cold water aquariums. Don’t miss our great planted aquarium set–ups.

In addition to our selection of fish we also keep a great selection of aquariums and cabinets from some of the top aquarium manufacturers available, such as Eheim, Clearseal, Fluval and BiOrb.

With our expert aquarium department staff on hand to help you with any queries and questions you may have plus the extensive range of livestock, aquariums, aquarium products and equipment, there is no better reason to come and visit us at Prestwood Petzone!

With 200 aquariums of Tropical fish and Gold fish we are one of the largest aquatic shops in the West Midlands. Experienced Staff always at hand to offer help and advise.

Aquarium products and accessories that we stock cover just about every item you need to start and maintain a successful fish tank.

Visit us in store to browse all of our products and receive free expert advice from our experienced staff; you can find directions to our shop by clicking on our location.

If the aquarium product you are looking for is not on the product list please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or post. You can find all of our contact details by clicking on the Contact Us page.

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We offer overnight delivery on tropical fish!


Aquarium fish delivery is just £12.99 per order! Please click here to view the terms and conditions of our aquarium sales as well as to get more information on how, when and where we deliver our tropical fish to you.

We have aquarium plants, ornaments, driftwood, stones, gravel and more in-store at Prestwood Petzone!