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The K9000 Dog Wash at Petzone

The K9000: Affordable self service dog washing available at Petzone!
Warm Water Rinse, Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry - 10 minute session only £5.99!

Available on site at Prestwood Petzone is a K9000 Dog Wash unit! This dog wash has been massively popular with all customers who have given it a try, as it eliminates the need for struggling to get large dogs into baths, cleaning up bathroom mess or using hosepipes.

The K9000 is a great dog grooming alternative and is suitable for washing large dogs that a traditional dog groomer may struggle with! Many dogs also don't like being touched by unfamiliar people, and our facility is great at providing grooming for nervous dogs, as it's completely self-service and they're being washed by familiar hands.

Check out our FAQ below for a guide on using the K9000 Dog Wash!

How does it work?
You can either lift your dog up onto the enclosure or many will jump up themselves. Shut the transparent splash guard and secure your dog by clipping the lead chain onto their collar. Deposit your token or pound coins and turn the dial on the dog wash panel onto Rinse. Pick up the nozzle and press the button once and it'll carry on spraying until you press it again-- no need to hold it down!

Move the dial onto shampoo, condition, back to rinse and on to blow dry in your own time-- your 10 minutes are yours to spend as you wish!

How much does it cost?
A ten minute session is just £5.99 with the purchase of a token, or £6.00 with the use of pound coins. Your time is yours as you want to spend it! If you want to skip any of the features such as conditioning or blow drying you're free to do so.

If you run out of time you can top up 1 or 2 minutes using pound coins.

How much time will my dog need?
It depends on your dog's size, coat condition, coat length and even their temperament-- dogs who don't like water may fidget more, and longer or thicker coats may require more drying time.

We recommend for a dog with a mid length coat you spend the first 4 minutes or so washing, conditioning and rinsing, and spend the majority of your time drying. 

Can I wash more than one dog at once?
Of course! The K9000 has two chain leads to secure two dogs at once, but you can wash as many as you like as long as they won't try and jump out.

When can I use the dog wash?
Any time within business hours. We ask that anyone wanting to wash on an evening is finished by ten minutes before closing time if possible, in order for us to do any cleaning of the dog wash that may be necessary after you're finished. 

Anything else I should know?
We recommend towel drying your dog before blow drying. You wouldn't try and blow dry your own hair straight out the shower! We ask you to bring your own towels if possible but we may have spares on the premises.

We also ask that you use your last minute to remove your dog from the tub and turn the dial onto disinfect ready for the next customer. If you are unable to do this please tell us after your wash is finished.

We've had really great feedback on the K9000 as it's such a cheap dog grooming alternative that's so straightforward and simple to use. Although the wash is self-service, our staff are only a short distance away to give you a hand if you need any help.

You can find our dog washing facility near Stourbridge on-site at Prestwood Petzone, a short distance up the A449. 

Any more questions? 

Call 01384 877150 opt. 1

See us in-store at
41 Wolverhampton Road (A449)