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Pet Hotel - Pet Boarding

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Let us take care of your pets in our purpose built Pet Boarding Hotel. While you relax on holiday, your pets can enjoy their own holiday in our home from home. Boarding for Pet Birds, Small Animals and Pet Reptiles in the West Midlands. Please call for details and to make a reservation.

Small Animal Boarding Prices

Small Animals Per Day Additional Animals
(in the same hutch)
Rabbits (excluding giant breeds) £4.00 £2.00
Guinea Pigs / Rats £3.00 £2.00
Mice / Hamsters £2.00 £1.00


To organise your small animal hotel booking, please call us on 01384 877150 to check availability. 



Bird Boarding Prices

Birds Per Day Additional Birds
(in the same cage)
Small Birds £1.75 £1.00
Medium Size Birds £2.00 £1.00
Parrots £3.00



To organise your bird or parrot hotel booking, please call us on 01384 877150 to check availability.



Reptile Boarding Prices

Reptiles Per Day Additional Animals
(in the same 'viv')
Large Lizards
e.g. Bearded Dragon
£3.50 £2.50
Small Lizards
e.g. Leopard Gecko
£2.00 £1.50
Tortoise £3.00 £1.50
Small / Medium Snakes
e.g. Corns, Milk Snakes
£2.00 £1.50
Large Snakes
e.g. Boas. 8ft-9ft maximum
£3.00 £2.00
Invertebrates £1.50 £1.00
Amphibians £2.00 £1.50

 Reptile prices are inclusive of food and substrate
To organise your reptile hotel booking, please call us on 01384 877150 to check availability.

Boarding Charges:

All boarding charges are daily and payable in advance from the day of arrival up to the day of departure. E.g if you bring an animal on Saturday and collect the following Saturday this is charged as eight days as both days are inclusive. If your pets are collected before 11am on the day of departure then the departure day will NOT be charged. For collection after 11am you will be charged the full daily rate.

Owners are required to supply food, treats, medication etc for small animals and birds in our care. We ask for customers to bring their own food, as changing the diet can cause digestive upsets. Bedding, Hay / Bark chips are included in the price.

Rabbits must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) and a certificate shown as proof. Please guard against fly strike for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs before boarding commences. We will not be held liable in the unfortunate event that your Rabbit or Guinea Pig becomes a victim of flystrike. We advise against boarding pregnant animals as we cannot guarantee the health of pregnant animals or their offspring and cannot accept liability for them.