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Pet Reptile Supplies available to buy in store and online

Frozen Food for Reptiles

Frozen Reptile Food
Frozen Mice, Rats, Fluffs, Quail and Pinkies for Snakes and other Pet Reptiles.

  Live food for reptiles

Live Food For Reptiles
Live crickets, Locusts, Fruit flies and Mealworms, for Pet Reptiles such as Bearded Dragons & Geckos.

Vitamins, food supplements and treatments for Reptiles from Prestwood Petzone

Reptile Treatments
Vitamins, food supplements and disinfectants for healthy pet Reptiles.

  Wooden Vivariums for pet reptiles from Prestwood Petzone

Reptile cages - Wooden Vivariums
Wooden Vivariums for Pet Lizards, Geckos and Snakes. From £49.00

Glass and Plastic Housing for Reptiles

Glass & Plastic Housing
Housing for pet reptiles and spiders

  Food and water bowls for reptiles from Prestwood Petzone

Food and Water Bowls
All sizes of food and water bowls for Lizards and snakes

Hides and decorations for Reptiles from Prestwood Petzone

Hides & Décor
Plastic plants, hides, backgrounds and décor for pet reptiles

  A range of reptile heating products from Prestwood Petzone

Reptile Heating
Heat bulbs, Thermostats and heat mats for reptile heating

A wide range of reptile lighting products from Prestwood Petzone

Reptile Lighting
Reptile Ultraviolet lights, spot lights and control gear for lizards, Snakes, amphibians and spiders

  Reptile Substrate from Prestwood Petzone

Reptile Substrate
Substrate suitable for all types of reptiles, amphibians and inverts

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 Our Selection

Pet Reptiles, Amphibians, Spiders and other Invertebrates such as stick insects, Millipedes and Giant Land snails plus a great selection of reptile supplies and reptile products are all available from Prestwood Petzone-- the leading Midlands' pet and aquatic store.

We have one of the largest specialist reptile sections in the country.

We cover all of your reptile needs here at Prestwood Petzone as we also stock an extensive range of reptile products and accessories to house and care for your reptile. We stock some of the top reptile manufactures products that range from wooden and glass vivariums, heating and lighting equipment, substrates, decor, water, feeding bowls and any other reptile product you can think of. We also provide starter kits for budding reptile keepers which include snake hatchling kits