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Small Animals- Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rat

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For many years we've been offering a solid range of accessories for the small, furry friends in your life with a choice of quality foods, bedding, toys and accessories. Our experienced staff are always on hand to provide great advice from first-hand experience on how to give your pet a rich, fun environment to live in, how to bond and play with them including tips for kids, as well as recommend any supplements or treatments to give your pet a hand when it needs one!

A few of our available brands are: Beaphar, Burgess Excel, Mr Johnsons, Vitakraft, Science Selective, Ancol

We stock a variety of hamster food, good quality rabbit nuggets & muesli, chinchilla food and more specialist lines like degu and ferret food. We carry trusted, well-known brands like Science Selective and Mr Johnsons Advance, and wholesome and nutritious treats for fun and enrichment.

A few of our available small animal food & treats are made by: Mr Johnsons, Vitakraft, Science Selective, Burgess Excel, Country Value

In-store we carry guinea pig & hamster cages that are great value, attractive and we have different designs stocked suitable for Russian Dwarf Hamsters and Syrian Hamsters. We also have indoor cages for guinea pigs, and accessories like Crystal water bottles and hay racks for guinea pigs and rabbits

Our guinea pig & hamster cages are made by: Sky Pet Products, Liberta

Available in-store we have some great fun small animal toys, treats and games with attractive designs made with robust materials to give hours of enrichment and stimulation for bored hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small pets. If you have a hamster that chews the cage bars all night long then we have a solution!

Our small animal toys & games are made by: Boredom Breaker, Nature First, Critters Choice

We stock everything you need to keep your guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, chinchilla or other small pet comfortable and well-fed with our range of tried and tested "straight from the farm" straw, hay, and wood shavings. We stock small handy-size shavings for hamster cages as well as large value bales, with straw and hay also available in bulk. We also carry quality soft hamster bedding as well as essential five-a-day herbs & hay, long-stem feeding hay and more.

Some of our small animal shavings, hay and bedding are provided by: Norfolk Pastures, Burgess Excel, Comfibed, Animal Dreams